We absolutely love what we do, and it shows. Thank you to all our wonderful clients over the years! We really appreciate all of the cards and letters. Here is a sample of a few of them.

My husband and I chose this prestigious photography studio for our wedding in July 2009 and couldn't have been more pleased. From the moment I met Anne-Marie, I knew she would be more than your typical wedding 'vendor', and I was right. I so appreciated her attention to detail and her ability to simply listen to our vision for the engagement, bridal and wedding pictures.

My husband and I knew we had a good feeling about Lasting Images, but it wasn't until we saw the phtography, or "artwork" as I call it, that we knew we had made a great choice in selecting this photographer. Anne-Marie really pulled out our personalities in our engagement photos complete with a backgrop of the Austin College campus. My bridal session, which I was very nervous about, turned out beautiful in the Dallas Arboretum; Anne-Marie didn't let me leave until she was certain we had utilized every square inch of that glorious garden! Finally, on the day of our wedding, Anne-Marie and company were fantastic in that they were flexible to the needs of our bridal party and family. Anne-Marie has a gift in editing photos, and so many of the pictures we loved had special effects that went beyond a simple 'black and white' picture. As an added bonus, accessing all these pictures online made it so simple to send to friends and family via email.

A year of wedding planning went by so quickly, and I truly feel lucky to have had Lasting Images along for that wacky wedding ride! I know in my heart that these beautiful photographs will be around for years and years, and each one will be connected to a memory of the best day of our lives. A wedding flashes by in an instant, and the only thing left are memories. My husband and I are grateful that we'll have beautiful photographs in which to remember ours, and for that we owe many thanks to Lasting Images Photography.

Sincerely, Katie and Blake Reedy

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Anne-Marie creates the lasting images which make this true!

We have been privileged that Anne-Marie has been working with our family since she first began her studio. We believe God has given her special talents which she has chosen to use and share with others. She has energy and passion which are conveyed through her fresh new ideas and reflected in her work.

Because of Anne-Marie's dedication and talent, our walls are filled with gifts of precious times we have experienced together with each other, with our children, and our family. And although she always takes time to insure she gets "the shot", we have discovered that it means more than that to her. For Anne-Marie, it is not just about taking a picture in an instant without feeling or connection. It is about capturing a moment... a special moment which tells a story... a story that permanently preserves a memory.

Anne-Marie, that you for providing so much joy over the years as you have captured our lives in a way that will last and that we will be able to remember for our lifetime!

With love, Brian and Stephanie Harris

Anne-Marie - I just love what you have done! I have not stopped looking at them -- you have truly captured their personalities. YOU are amazing! and those are not just words, you are a true artist. Thanks - Amy

Anne-Marie and Victoria, Just wanted to thank you for all the joy you have brought into our lives these past few months. And the canvas - WOW!!! It is gorgeous! So blessed to have met you and your family.

Happy New Year! Love Ya - Jenn, Mike, Zachery and Alex


These are absolutely gorgeous! They were completely worth the wait. Every time I view them, I find more and more that become my favorites. It's going to be SOOO hard to pick one for the enlargement...and I've found several that I want in the paper. I guess I'll have to take out a full page spread!(ha, ha).

Thanks again for making this such a low stress, high energy, fun time for us all! I can hardly wait to se what you do with the wedding and reception!

We will have to have a room in our apartment fully dedicated to each picture you have taken.. they are all just that wonderful.

Thanks again -- see you March 21! Kenlyn

Anne-Marie and Lasting Images Crew,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done for us. I am so pleased that God blessed me with wonderful people that made my wedding just that much more special. When I received the photos and the album I cried I was so pleased. The photos were breath-taking and it took me back to each moment as I flipped through the album. I get teary thinking about it. I just wanted you to know that you blessed us with your God given talent.

Thanks again, Matthew and Katherine Downey

Dear Anne-Marie, We are sitting here looking at James and Alisa's wedding pictures and didn't want to miss another opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your team. Your ability to capture the mood of the atmosphere as it moved from anxiously waiting to celebrated departure was amazing. Sweet whispers, nervous giggles, encouraging glances, solemn moments, and "We did it!" smiles are all part of the wonderful experience you were able to save for us. Each lovely photo showcases our family revealed through your unique creativity. From the candid shots that focused on emotions to the wonderful group attendance photo at the altar, your talent will help us always remember the details of our daughter's wedding.

Throughout the wedding day, your professionalism, flexibility, and finesse in taking care of "little surprises" were appreciated. Your efficiency and cool head provided a sense of balance for our bride. The fact that you had everything under control created a sense of calm to everyone in an environment that in the beginning was a little tense. We admire that you were able to remember and honor our ideas that we has spoken about prior to the wedding. You were able to be "everywhere" without being in the way. You captured the moments as they happened instead of orchestrating the event. Now, we have a collection of cherished memories, not a bunch of pictures you took.

After the ceremony and reception, we continued to be impressed by you and your team. Victoria and Jeff sifted through the multitude of photos and put together a fabulous slide show to recreate the wedding. It allowed us to view some of the best pictures without sorting through the whole group. We've used it as our starting point for picking the photos for the album. We were kept informed as to when the photographs would be available to view. We couldn't believe how quickly you were able to upload them onto the web-site so we could share them with our family and friends.

We are grateful for the Lasting Images that you created during this special time in our daughter's life.

Sincerely, Tim and Laura Blalock

Dear Anne-Marie,

I want to personally thank you for the support that you have shown for the Crisis Center by hosting "Girls Nite Out" for the second year. The agency and its services mean much to me personally and obviously to those who support it through their advocacy, gifts, and time. Thank you again for your generosity.

Regards, Betty Roether, Board President

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